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ISK Charter

The International School of Kuantan will provide quality education modeled on the curriculum and practices of public and private schools in the United States of America using English as the medium of instruction to prepare students for admission to university.

ISK Mission

International School of Kuantan provides a comprehensive academic education that encourages all students to reach their full potential and become self-reliant and responsible adults.

ISK Vision

International School of Kuantan believes education is founded upon the acquisition of skills and knowledge at each grade. The school promotes critical thinking, creativity and problem solving, and encourages receptivity to the ideas of others. The school believes that each student is unique and valuable and that all students should be challenged to reach their full potential. Students excel in an environment of high expectations that foster cooperation, tolerance, communication, self-motivation and a love for learning. The school encourages students to develop sensitivity toward and an appreciation for the cultures of Malaysia and countries other than their own.