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Richard Carroll hails from Canada and has been in the teaching profession since 1995. Starting out in Middle School as a French Immersion teacher for Mathematics, Science and Social Studies in Canada, he then decided to discover the world through his passion to teach. He has been teaching overseas since 1999 with stops in South Korea, Thailand, Laos, Turkey, Bangladesh, Sudan and, now, Malaysia. Throughout his teaching career, he has been a kindergarten, grade 3, grade 4, mathematics, French and computing teacher in elementary school. In middle school, he has taught, mathematics, science, social studies and French. In high school, he has taught mathematics and French. 

He started his administrative/management career in 2006 as Head of Primary in Thailand, Head of Department in Sudan and Malaysia while progressing to Key Stage coordinator, Academic Head and finally Deputy Head of School before starting as Principal here at ISK.

Mr Carroll is a champion of 21st Century Education with the intent of empowering students to take ownership of their learning. He believes in holistic education with a strong emphasis on community involvement. He sees every student as a unique individual who has the capacity to reach and/or surpass their potential. He places teacher development also at the forefront as it has a direct impact on student learning.