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We appreciate your interest in International School of Kuantan. ISK admits students from Grade 1 to Grade 12. Enrollment for Elementary and Middle School students are open all year round. However, enrollment for High school (Grade 9 – 12) will not be permitted within the last 20 school days of the academic year.

No test is required for admission. After admission new students are assessed in reading, writing and math.

After all required registration materials have been submitted to the school and it is determined that the student meets ISK’s entrance criteria, grade placement will also be determined according to ISK’s policy. A guide to understanding how grade placement is made by the school administrators can be found in the Grade Placement Guide section.

The school makes every effort to accept qualified students who apply for admission, subject to the following (if apply):

  1. Space limitations established by the Board of Governors, if any
  2. Age requirement
  3. English language requirements
  4. Admission / Exclusion policy
Age Requirements

The only age requirement in ISK’s policy is students are eligible to enter first grade if they are six (6) years old on or before August 1 of the same academic year.

English Language Requirements (Grade 1 - 12)

The School accepts students with no previous experience with English or with limited ability in English. Our English as a second language (ESL) programs provide additional support to students who enroll with limited or no English-speaking ability.

Students entering Grades 8 and 9 who require Level 1 ESL classes will only be admitted after an intensive course in Level 1 ESL.

All High School Level 1 ESL students will start in Grade 9

Admission/Exclusion policy

The Board of Directors reserves the right to limit enrollment as well as exclude students at any time. Exclusion of students may occur before student's enrollment or at any time after enrollment.The Principal may exclude students who fall into certain categories, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Students who require a significant modification of ISK's instructional program.
  2. Students who have educational disabilities that require services not provided by ISK.
  3. Students who are not benefiting from the academic program due to lack of interest or effort, persistent, behaviour problems, or failure to maintain a satisfactory grade average.
  4. Students who do not adhere to the policies, rules, regulations, and Student Discipline Code of ISK.