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Part of ISK’s CLIPPER Values, SAIL and PBL requires students to demonstrate maturity to accept responsibility for themselves, their community, and the stewardship of Earth. Our instructional goals include developing within the school community, an awareness and tolerance of different cultures, beliefs and lifestyles. Through volunteering in community engagement activities, we aim to foster students who are caring members of the society and global community. The ISK community is an inclusive community, which encourages sensitivity toward and an appreciation of the cultural diversity that is inherent in our community.

Community engagement activities that ISK students are encouraged to volunteer for, involves interaction and building links with individuals or groups in the community. The community can be the school, the local district, or it may be at the national or international level. Community service activities provide students with the opportunity to get out of their comfort zone and get involved in serving the community at large. This entails being committed to not only doing things for others, but also doing things with others and building a relationship with the community.

Examples of community engagement activities

  1. Volunteering at an Autistic center
  2. Fundraising and monthly donations for Kuantan's refugee communitiy
  3. Fundraising for Kuantan flood victims
  4. Fundraising for Tsunami victims
  5. Fundraising for other disaster-relief causes