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In ISK, learning goes beyond the confines of our classrooms. Classroom learning experiences are augmented and enhanced by numerous educational field trips which serve as extensions to the curriculum. Educational field trips are defined as any travel away from the school site. The ISK educational field trips provide students with opportunities to investigate and apply academic knowledge to the outside world as well as develop their personal, interpersonal and social skills.

All ISK field trips involve extensive and careful planning and preparation in order to ensure students’ safety and to provide the best learning experience. Parents will be advised of the trips ahead of time.

There are three categories of field trips for students:

  • A class field trip during school hours as part of a lesson or class activity
  • Day trip within or outside of Kuantan
  • Overnight trip (maximum of 3 days, 2 nights)

Transportation costs for class field trips within Kuantan are covered by the co-curriculum fees. Costs for approved overnight trips are the responsibility of the students and parents but the logistics of the trip will be fully organized by the school.

Below are some examples of field trips conducted in the past, but the list is not exhaustive.


Important Reminders

  • Students are reminded that when on a field trip, the school's policies and rules govern student behavior
  • For all field trips, students are required to bring along their school ID
  • When on field trips with the exception of the overnight trip, students are required to wear the official school uniform and adhere to the school dress code