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Kindergarten & Elementary to Grade 5
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Middle School Grade 6 to Grade 8
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High School Grade 9 to Grade 12
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ISK offers its graduates an American High School Diploma, fully-accredited through the Western Association of Schools and College (WASC). In most cases, graduates with an American High School Diploma, in conjunction with the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), are able to bypass intermediary schooling, such as a foundation year or A-levels, and enter directly into Bachelor Degree programs. Our graduates have successfully gained entrance into prestigious universities in the United States and Canada, Australia, Europe, and throughout Asia.



Established in 1996, The International School of Kuantan (ISK) is a private international school and is the only international school in Kuantan that provides quality education to elementary, middle and high school students based on the curriculum and practices of public and private schools in the United States of America. English is used as the medium of instruction to prepare students for admission to university. Graduates of ISK's have been accepted to prestigious colleges and universities around the world.



Varying Interests and Passions

ISK Curriculum

The curriculum of the International School of Kuantan follows the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) in the elementary school and in the middle and high school is based on an American educational model, but enriched to provide an engaging and...

ISK's Core Values

CARING, Demonstrates a caring attitude towards their daily school activities, theirinteractions with students, parents and teachers as well as for the schoolenvironment. LEADERSHIP, Models leadership through their actions both in and out of theclassroom.

ISK's Graduation & Awards Evening

ISK's Graduation & Awards Evening is to celebrate our student's after completing their study at the International School of Kuantan.